Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow

    (Marvel, 2019)
™ and © Marvel

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THE K-POP CRIME-FIGHTER FROM THE MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT MOBILE GAME STARS IN HER OWN ONE-SHOT! As a South Korean pop sensation, Seol Hee melt her fans' hearts…and now as Luna Snow she has the power to freeze her enemies! How does Luna juggle being an international pop star with battling evil as a Super Hero? How did she gain her powers and what does Stark Industries have to do with it? Also featuring MARVEL'S FUTURE AVENGERS in an all-new story! Rated T

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 1st Appearance of Dong Won Song; 1st Appearance of Joro Spider; 1st Appearance of Tamaki; Origin of Luna Snow; Origin of 4L1T; Real Name of Hae Won revealed; Real Name of Jessica revealed; Real Name of Minni revealed; Real Name of 4L1T revealed; Story continued from Future Fight Firsts: White Fox #1; Story continues in Future Fight Firsts: Crescent & Io #1Alyssa WongGang Hyuk Lim

#1 Variation A

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Avengers Variant Cover by Sana Takeda Alyssa WongGang Hyuk Lim

#1 Variation B

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Virgin Variant Cover by In-Hyuk Lee Alyssa WongGang Hyuk Lim

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Netmarble Variant Cover by Yongjoon Cho Alyssa WongGang Hyuk Lim

#1 Variation D

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Coax Variant Alyssa WongGang Hyuk Lim