Aquaman Secret Files

    (DC, 1998, 2003)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Aquaman’s variety of origins and complex history made him a natural for a Secret Files title. Like others of this type, this title retells Aquaman’s origin. All of Aquaman’s disparate history has been woven into a complex tapestry; from being Arthur Curry, the son of a lighthouse keeper to Prince Orin, son of the immortal warrior, Atlan. A timeline detailing significant events and concise biographies of Aquaman’s friends and family are featured.

There is an interesting background to the origin recap written by Erik Larsen. When Larsen succeeded Peter David as writer of the series, he spoke disparagingly of one of David’s creations, the villain, Charybdis. He told The Comics’ Buyers Guide in #1275, “…Charybdis. I can’t pronounce it. If I can’t pronounce it, I can’t expect a fan to be able to pronounce it…” He believed a name like “Piranha Guy” would be preferable. This opinion generated a scathing letter from the writer Harlan Ellison as well as the source of a hilarious “But I Digress” column from Peter David in Comic’s Buyer’s Guide #1278. As a bit of retaliation, Larsen made Charybdis the character who is being told Aquaman’s history in the recap though now he is calling himself…Piranha-Man.

— George Haberberger

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 Origin of AquamanErik Larsen, Scott Beatty, Steve VanceBill Willingham, Bryan Hitch, Eliot Brown, Eric Battle, Erik Larsen, Jim Calafiore, Joe Phillips, Marty Egeland, Mike Mayhew, Mike S. Miller, Phil Jimenez, Tom Grindberg, Vince Giarrano, Wade Von Grawbadger


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  Rick Veitch, Steve ConleyNorm Breyfogle, Rob Haynes, Darryl Banks, Carlos Pacheco, Michael W. Kaluta, Tom Nguyen, Sal Velluto, John Totleben, P. Craig Russell, Peter Pachoumis, Yvel Guichet