Nightstreets (Arrow)

    (Arrow, 1986-1987)
©1986 Arrow Comics

Night Streets is a black-and-white series from Mark Bloodworth and published by Arrow Comics. This series, which was available on comic store racks in 1986, is about a unique crimelord named Mr. Katt. Although he wears the obligatory gangster-pinstripe suits, Mr. Katt is actually a cat! He has never been seen by anyone other than his closest lieutenants, who don’t seem to think this is terribly unusual.

Katt runs a gang that extorts money from small store owners in exchange for “protection.” When a border war starts with another gang, Katt has to leave his offices to try to defeat his foes. Leaving an old friend’s store, Katt’s secret is exposed when he is photographed by an undercover reporter who chances upon the scene. As more murder victims turn up, the police investigate every lead, including the photographer.

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