Batman: Dreamland

    (DC, 2000)
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Area 51 is embedded in America’s consciousness as the top-secret government base harboring information on extraterrestrial activities. What really goes on there is anyone’s guess, but now Batman, the world’s greatest detective, is set to infiltrate Area 51 to discover its myriad secrets.

Veteran Batman scribe Alan Grant and artist Norm Breyfogle (Batman: Holy Terror) begin their story with a woman who is convinced her father has been killed by aliens. As Batman begins his investigation, he soon runs into frequent Arkham resident The Kook and together they enter Area 51 only to discover the evil Dr. Staines who has been conducting mind manipulation experiments. Batman quickly learns that aliens aren’t the only secret being kept at Area 51, and whether or not he can get this information out to the world will have repercussions for every man and woman on Earth.
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July, 2000
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Alan Grant, Norm BreyfogleNorm Breyfogle