The Atlantis Chronicles

    (DC, 1990)
™ and ©1990 DC Comics, Inc.

Written by Peter A. David, this seven-issue mini-series is the epic story of the dying days of Atlantis. Once the home to demigods like Arion, Atlantis had been thought by many to have been destroyed by floods. The inner regions, however, had survived that calamity, continuing to be a wondrous place where sorcery and technology met and mingled.

The ruler in those days was a man named Orin. Good-hearted to a fault, he was a great believer in technology over sorcery. To protect Poseidonis from the savages outside, he erected a great dome over his city. His brother, Shalako, was the city’s spiritual advisor. Shalako warned of the gods’ displeasure at walling the city off from the sky, but his cries fell on deaf ears.

The dome was completed, and not long thereafter came the deluge…

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 The DelugePeter DavidEsteban Maroto


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 1st Appearance of AtlanPeter DavidEsteban Maroto


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 Origin of Aquaman; Final IssuePeter DavidEsteban Maroto

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