Nightmark: Blood & Honor

    (Alpha, 1994)
Stories ©1994 Christopher Mills. Artwork ©1994 Scott Dutton & Carmen Imperato

Gideon King is the Nightmark: a private investigator whose special mission is to save earth from the creatures of the night. While other gumshoes are busy tracking down lost children or straying spouses, King is taking on werewolves, vampires, and other fiends.

In Blood & Honor King meets a beautiful woman, Kristin Conner, in a friend’s bookstore. Kristin was seeking books on vampires to aid her brother, Sean, in a special research project. King became intrigued and offered to escort Kristin home. On the way, they were attacked by three vampires, which King managed to hold at bay until the pair could escape. At Kristin’s home, however, they found a scene of similar terror. A vampire had drawn the life out of one man, and Kristin’s brother was saved only by King’s timely arrival. It was then that King learned that the Conners were being stalked by an ancient vampire warlord, intent on destroying the last of the Conner clan.

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