Best Cellars

    (Out of the Cellar, 1995)
™ and © 1995, respective creators

This showcase issue from Out of the Cellar Comics has Monster Boy, Krystal Kalisto and the Committed as its featured characters is intended for mature readers only.

Half man, half ogre and full of malice, Mog AKA Monster Boy is not a happy camper. He’s been arrested and convicted in a kangaroo court. His punishment? To be banished to Earth, where he has been ordered to destroy renegade monster terrorists. Krystal Kalisto steps into action when the women of Dalworth City are threatened. Her vengeance is driven by an intense dislike of men. Perhaps the strangest story of all is the Committed. John Wright believes that he has been wrongly imprisoned. He assembles a rag-tag group whose only goal is escaping. There is one small problem though—John Wright is an inmate at a mental hospital!

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AdultCharles B. Rhoades, Duncan Milner, Eric Powell, James Reed, Jesse Dean WrightChuck Angell, Larry Underwood, Mike Lynch, Rebecca Baerman