Amazing Adventure

    (Marvel, 1988)
™ and ©1988 the respective creators

In 1988 Marvel presented Amazing Adventure. It was an anthology billed as “Tales of exotic places, people, and times by some of the top talents in comic art.” It seems vague, but that pretty much hits the mark. The stories range from sword-and-sorcery epics to a story about the Holocaust. They weren’t lying about the talent either.

Marvel’s golden boy, Chris Claremont (The New Mutants, The Black Dragon) tops the list. Others include artist John Ridgway of Hellblazer and 2000 A.D. fame, Nexus co-creator Mike Baron, Terry Austin (Silver Surfer/Superman), Mike Vossburg, Steve Perry, Rick Vietch, and others.

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 SquareboundBill Mantlo, Chris Claremont, J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Baron, Mike Vosburg, Steve PerryHuw Thomas, John Ridgway, Larry Stroman, Michael Golden, Mike Vosburg, Rick Veitch, Val Mayerik