The Horrorist

    (Vertigo, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1995 Jamie Delano and David Lloyd

She appears as a hollow-eyed black woman, shambling to her final destination and bringing terror to the lives of all who come into contact with her. To stare into her eyes is to feel darkness eating away your soul.

A local sheriff who picked her up for vagrancy goes home and murders his wife and children. A family doctor who nearly ran her down on the road sells his only daughter for a handful of cash. And a lonely hotel manager dreams of hunting children before putting a bullet into his own head.

But when she gets to Texas, she’ll encounter John Constantine, Hellblazer—a man whose whole life has been a walk on the dark side.

This comic series is a masterful tale of terror in two parts, scripted by Jamie Delano and illustrated by David Lloyd (V for Vendetta).

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