The Best of Super Taboo

    (Eros, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Wolf Ogami

Easily among the most perverted of “hentai,” X-rated Japanese manga, this collection of Super Taboo pulls no punches. It is a deceptively cute portrait of twisted family ties. Protagonist Yuu has a moral dilemma trying to decide if he should give in to his lust over his sexy close relatives (including his buxom mother and nymphomaniac sister). Of course, he always inevitably does give in and the battle between right and wrong in his mind has little significance. Creator Wolf Ogami’s illustrations are sparse and childlike, making the graphic scenes of incest either less disturbing or even more so because of the seemingly innocuous art style.

— Michael Sutton

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Collects Super Taboo #4, 9-12; B&W; ca. 2004Wolf OgamiWolf Ogami