(Side Show, 1991)
™ and ©1971, 1991 Jim Ridings

Ashpile is a giant compilation of the work of cartoonist Jim Ridings. The book spans twenty years between 1971 and 1991, and features practically the entire cast of characters that Ridings’ Side Show Comics has run over the years.

The star of this volume is Ash McIver, a skunk with a perpetually naïve and wondering outlook on life. He’s a gentle soul who seems always to be the straight man in his encounters with the other cartoon inhabitants of Parts Unknown. Joining him is Cyntherita, a little girl with whom Ash is hopelessly in love; Jaspar, the resident cynic; Tedalando, a muskrat whose goal is to get ahead without actually working; ASAP (read: “Aesop”), a mountain lion philosopher; and Catnip, the local alley cat. Also appearing is Cheese Weasel, easily the funniest (and most despicable) character in Parts Unknown, a weasely crocodile who will do anything for a buck.

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