Batman: Bullock’s Law

    (DC, 1999)
™ and © DC Comics

Even though sloppy, overweight Gotham City Police Detective Harvey Bullock hasn’t always trusted or respected the Batman, Bullock’s abilities and motives have always had the trust and respect of the Dark Knight. In this one-shot that takes place between the “Cataclysm” and “No Man’s Land” storylines, Bullock and other members of the GCPD take on a serial killer called the Widow-Whacker. But when the Black Mask and Bullock strike a deal to reveal the killer’s identity, the Batman begins to question Bullock’s devotion to the law, and the Widow-Whacker comes looking for the corpulent detective. Good stuff from longtime Bat-scribe Chuck Dixon (Detective Comics, Robin, Nightwing) and artists Flint Henry (Batman 80-Page Giant, Detective Comics) and Tom Palmer (X-Men, Avengers).

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