Alternate Existance

    (Dragonmaster, 1982, 1985)
™ and ©1985 Dragonmaster Comics

When Sherry Simpson and her two brothers find a crashed spaceship, they conveniently recover three bracelets of incredible power, giving them out-of-this-world crime-fighting abilities! (And presumably three nifty outfits as well) Can Poltergeist, Nightmare and Lady Spirit stand up to The Citadel crime cartel and their mother’s killer, Powerbolt?

Published by the fledgling Dragonmaster comics in 1985, Alternate Existance (sic) also features the adventures of sassy super spy Janet Targitt and her mysterious boss “Mister X.” While the title is lacking in artwork and basic plotting, it does at least feature a character driving a stock car and ninja throwing stars.
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