The Balloonatiks

    (Best, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Balloonatiks International

In this rather unusual cartoony comic, the Balloonatiks balloon heroes have landed on earth from the planet Noollab (try it backwards). Their mission? To solve the dastardly crimes of the tongue-in-cheekly-named bad guys the Needler, Secret Agent Barb Wire (published well before the Dark Horse Barb Wire series), and their henchmen, the Pinheads. Sound punny? It is. Our heroes, Flator, Squeeker, Airhead, Ballooney and Stretch, with the help of Dr. Sigmund Swellhead and his niece and nephew, Sam and Liz, must save Earth from these devious villains. Their plan is to deflate all things balloony until stopped by our inflatable heroes.

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 Includes balloonTony DiIouaMark Bralin

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  Tony DiIouaMark Bralin