Appleseed Book 1

    (Eclipse, 1988-1989)
™ and ©1988 Masumune Shirow and Seishinsha

Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed is an influential Japanese manga series, as well as a series of anime films. The futuristic tale takes place after World War III, when society looked for new ideas as it began rebuilding its cities. The city of Olympus was meant to be the perfect place to live, a shining example to the world around it. In Olympus, there was almost no crime, no homelessness, and the residents lacked for nothing. In order to create the perfect city, however, perfect citizens were required. Olympus’ builders supplied these, using genetic engineering to create a population suited for life in paradise. In total, some eighty percent of Olympus’ population have been bio-engineered for life there.

Among the few that were not are Deunan Knute, a hard-fighting leader of the city’s S.W.A.T. unit. Her job was to keep the peace, even as paradise began showing signs of cracking under the strain of perfection.
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December, 1988
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Masamune ShirowMasamune Shirow
February, 1989
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Masamune ShirowMasamune Shirow