The Bandy Man

    (Caliber, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Stefan Petrucha. Art ©1996 the respective creators

Stefan Petrucha (The X-Files), wrote this ambitious series about God’s first, forgotten attempt at creating man. The story draws from an alternate version of the Book of Genesis.

In this story, God took clay and began to create man, but then paused and considered his creation. He then set it down, unfinished, and began anew. The result of that second attempt was Adam, later followed by Eve. The unfinished man was forgotten, although this man later appeared to tempt Eve into eating the fruit from the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. After eating the fruit, Eve gave the man a name, Bandias, and joined with him to give birth to Cain.

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B&WStefan Petrucha, Lee SchlesingerJill Thompson, Charlie Adlard, Nathan Pride


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B&WStefan Petrucha, Lee SchlesingerMiran Kim


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B&W; ca. 1997Stefan Perucha, Lee SchlesingerJill Thompson, Charlie Adlard, Miran Kim