Lev Gleason Presents

    (Chapterhouse, 2021)

(From the publisher)

Lev Gleason’s Comic House returns to super-hero publishing after 75 years with Lev Gleason Presents #1. This series jumpstarts with Silver Streak: Season 1 Issue 1 by Keith Champagne (Stranger Things) and Stefan Tosheff (Minerva’s Map); Freelance: Season 2 Issue 1 by Andrew Wheeler (Wonder Woman) and Juan Samu (Black Panther); Captain Canuck: Season 5 Issue 3 by Ho Che Anderson (KING) and Felipe Cunha (Cult Classic); plus a classic archive adventure featuring the Golden Age Silver Streak! Each mega-sized issue will contain a brand-new #1 issue as well as at least two NEW 20-page stories continuing from the Comic House shared universe! Included in each issue are download codes for digital copies of each issue featured.
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#1 Variation A
April, 2021
Cover Price: $9.99
1 copy available for $9.99
Keith ChampagneStefan Tosheff
#2 Variation A
May, 2021
Cover Price: $9.99
1 copy available for $10.00
Kenny PorterInaki Azpiazu