Batman: Masque

    (DC, 1997)
™ and © 1997 DC Comics

Duality and obsession are often at the heart of stories concerning Batman, and this Elseworlds installment is no exception. Transplanting the Dark Knight Detective to turn of the century Gotham City, an era whose dim streetlights and ornate architecture is perfectly suited to Batman’s brooding vigilante existence. Masque tells the story of Laura Avian, a ballet star who becomes the target of an admirer consumed with possessing her. Blending elements of The Phantom of the Opera and Edgar Allan Poe, Masque is a poetic exploration of the Batman’s passion and self-image. The atmospheric artwork suffers from poor reproduction, but the story makes up for the technical drawbacks. Dwelling in shadow and solitude, this Batman is a tragic figure trapped behind a mask he chooses to wear, and although his enemy does not have that choice, they are both inexorably linked by their dual nature and mutual obsession.
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January, 1997
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