Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    (Dark Horse, 2001)
™ and ©2001 Walt Disney Enterprises

Featuring a gorgeous Mike Mignola (Hellboy) cover, as well as his production designs for the film, this Prestige Format one-shot adapts the beautiful Disney movie of the same name. Atlantis was swallowed by the ocean generations ago, but by utilizing his father’s research, bumbling would-be archeologist Milo Thatch sets out on a mission with a dubious group of adventurers to discover the secrets of the lost empire of Atlantis. Milo finds more than he ever dreamed he would, and that’s just the beginning of the experience that changes his life and the fate of Atlantis forever. The story works as well as a comic book as it does as an animated film; there is a classic, pulpy feel to the whole package.

— Thomas Moudry

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  Greg EhrbarClaudio Sciarrone