(Alternative, 2003)
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Aptly named, Bipolar consists of a pair of strange tales loosely focused on a theme of sorts, but diametrically opposite in their scenarios, executions, and outcomes. It’s not even a theme that can be easily categorized, but perhaps “life’s unexpected turns” is a fair shot.

In Keret’s story “Pizzeria Kamikaze,” the unexpected turn for the characters in question is life’s end, particularly their own. Immediately after death, friends reunite and strangers meet in a world that’s part Tim Burton, part Twilight Zone, but mostly a world not so different from that of the living. Where all this leads is unclear, but, hey, that’s what the next issue is for.

Hanuka’s “Telekinetic,” however, is basically a self-contained story in which a man slowly watches his life disintegrate, as his youthful expectations continue to remain unrealized. In this existentialist story, the main character deals with life’s disappointments, not by trying to make things better, but, instead, by burying his childhood dreams deep within himself. He then replaces them with retroactively lowered expectations that, in relative terms, make his life seem more pleasant and bearable.

Keret’s story is fairly straightforward, although many unanswered questions abound, while Hanuka’s requires careful study. This won’t appeal to everyone, but those with an open mind should be able to appreciate one, if not both, of these thought-provoking tales.

— Jim Johnson

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 Tomer Hanuka, Etgar KeretTomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka

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3rd printingTomer Hanuka, Etgar KeretTomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka


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 Etgar KeretAsaf Hanuka

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2nd PrintingEtgar Keret, Tomar HanukaAsaf Hanuka


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Back cover ready October 02 while indicia reads September 2002Etgar Keret, Tomar HanukaAsaf Hanuka, Tomar Hanuka


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Translated from Hebrew by Miriam ShleisingerTomar Hanuka, Etgar KeretTomar Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka


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