(Marvel, 1997)
ô and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics, Inc.

Itís a match-up of costumed crimefighters as Marvelís Daredevil teams up with DCís Batman to stop a string of technology thefts. WayneTech had made a breakthrough discovery in perfecting a method to grow biological computers out of living tissue. Before the discovery could be used for the good of humanity, the criminal Two-Face stole the discovery and murdered the research team. Two-Face had allied himself with the hulking Mr. Hyde to steal computer circuit boards which they would fence for quick cash. This new technology was to be Two-Faceís greatest score.

But there was a catch: the bio-computer process required a host to grow inside. In a diabolical scheme, Two-Face managed to trick Mr. Hyde into ingesting the drug that would sustain the reaction in his own body. Of course, Two-Face didnít share this secretóor his knowledge that the reaction would ultimately kill its host.

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NN; Crossover with DC; Prestige formatDaniel G. ChichesterScott McDaniel