Batman: The Hill

    (DC, 2000)
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The Hill is Gotham's “hot zone”, a crime-plagued ghetto ruled by drug kingpin Demetrius Korlee. Korlee poses as a legitimate businessman and his paternalistic hold over the Hill’s disenfranchised young men puts him beyond the long arm of the law. Muckraking journalist Alanis Prescott puts Commissioner Gordon in the hot seat when a white cop shoots a black man during a bungled operation aimed at snagging Korlee. Media scrutiny, community outcry and political stagnation force Gordon to turn to Batman for help. Shutting Korlee down poses unique challenges for Batman; will he betray his own ethics to get the job done? The Hill highlights Gordon’s push-pull relationship with the caped crusader’s competing priorities and sub rosa methods.

Despite a contemporary milieu, illustration by Shawn Martinbrough and John Lowe imparts a vintage feeling to this bitter racial drama and crime story written by Christopher Priest.

— Leland Burrill

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