Adventures of Aaron (2nd Series)

    (Image, 1997)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

Adventures of Aaron is a nationally syndicated, weekly newspaper strip by Aaron Warner in which he brutally satirizes his life, (or rather his lack of one), his parents and his sister, as well as his pathetic attempts at obtaining a girlfriend. In 1997 Image Comics published collections of the strip under the title Aaron Strips, featuring early episodes.

Image then published this title, a companion book, which contains new material by other writers and artists, but the same familiar vicious slices of Aaron’s marginal existence. For example, you’ll meet Loucifer, Aaron’s maniacal (maybe even demonic) neighbor who lives to mow his lawn and holds Aaron to his strict, unattainable standard. Also revealed is the time Aaron’s parents attempted to replace him with a side of beef. It is the sheer absurdity of Aaron’s predicaments that make this a seriously funny book.

— George Haberberger

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  Aaron Warner, Michael EvansAaron Warner


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 Adventures of Dad back-upAaron Warner, Robert BrewerAaron Warner


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 AnthologyAaron Warner, Danny Watson, Gary Barker, Johnny Lauck, Linc Polderman, Robert LewisAaron Warner, Danny Watson, Gary Barker, Linc Polderman, Mike Komarck, Robert Lewis