Batman/Scarface: A Psychodrama

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

Ventriloquist Arnold Wesker has never been very good at anything. That is, until Scarface came into his life. Scarface, made from a block of wood and dressed like an Al Capone era gangster, became a violent outlet for Wesker. Using Scarface as a device to unleash his potential, Wesker grew to be one of the most powerful mob bosses in Gotham City as well as one of Batman’s greatest foes. Or at least, that’s what everybody believed, including Wesker. Batman/Scarface: A Psychodrama explores the possibility that Scarface is much more than a channel for Wesker’s homicidal tendencies. In this one shot, we learn that Scarface was carved from the gallows pole of Blackgate Prison. Is it possible that block of wood that was to become Scarface is embedded with the evil souls of those hanged throughout Blackgate’s history? As they are separated, we begin to learn if Scarface was Wesker’s tool. Or if it’s really the other way around.

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  Alan GrantCharlie Adlard