Nightmare (Skywald)

    (Skywald, 1970-1975)
™ and © Skywald Publishing Corp.

Frankenstein’s monster is alive and well as part of a freak show in a travelling fair. The Titanic is sinking but not as a result of crashing into an iceberg. A man and woman in search of werewolves discover each other’s supernatural secret. And a woman with a fear of roaches learns she has an extraordinary and frightful power. These are only some of the terrifying tales presented in this monthly black and white magazine. Each issue includes several heart pounding works, and fans of horror fiction will love reading a wide variety of scary stories featuring the talent of such greats as Stan Lee, Gerry Conway, and Bill Everett among others.
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April, 1971
Cover Price: $0.50
1 copy available for $28.00
Tom Sutton, Gerry Conway, Alan Hewetson, Gardner Fox, Bruce Jones, Art Stampler, Chic Stone, Jack Katz, Frank Giacoia, Kevin PaganTom Sutton, Rich Buckler, Serg Moren, Paul Reinman, Bruce Jones, Chic Stone, Jack Katz
December, 1971
Cover Price: $0.60
1 copy available for $39.99
Marv Wolfman, Jerry Siegel, Larry S. Todd, Robert Kanigher, Michael W. Kaluta, Pat BoyetteErnie Colón, Carlos Garzon, Larry S. Todd, Doug Wildey, Michael W. Kaluta, Pat Boyette