Aliens: Lovesick

    (Dark Horse, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Hey, just because it stars an awesomely deadly alien creature doesn’t mean a story can’t be fun! Aliens: Lovesick takes a lighter look at love and death, with Thierry Gagnon and Richard Forgues turning in a surprisingly humorous adventure story.

It begins as Jimi, a bubble–gum–chewing youngster is being escorted to a new offworld mining complex in the company of Dr. Dakien and Nancy, his lovely young security officer. For Nancy (the assigned babysitter), it’s a chance to repay Jimi’s parents for putting her through school. For Jimi, it’s a chance to get away on summer vacation (as well as hang out with the babysitter on whom he has a crush). And for Dakien, the trip gives him one final chance to express his love to the unreceptive Nancy. When she rejects him again, he decides to launch a final gambit, exposing himself to an alien parasite and being reborn as a hulking alien killer. Nancy (the object of everyone’s affections) is more than a match for her new beau.

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 One-shotRichard Forgues, Thierry Gagnon, Randy StradleyRichard Forgues