Simpsons Comics and Stories

    (Welsh, 1993, 2003)
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The Simpsons had been an immensely popular animated television show for years by the time this 1992 one-shot was published. Published by Marvel, this special was essentially a way for Simpsons creator Matt Groening to “get his feet wet” in comics. The results, admittedly, were a bit mixed. On the upside, it gave readers the long-awaited origin of Bartman (eight year-old Bart Simpson in his “super-hero” identity) as well as a huge Radioactive Man poster. The downside was that this one-shot relied too heavily on “Bart-isms” and other gag lines for its humor.

Thankfully, Groening seems to have used his experience on Simpsons Comics and Stories to good effect. In 1993, he would form Bongo Comics and produce a truly hilarious line of Simpsons-related titles. These included Itchy & Scratchy, Radioactive Man, Bartman, and Simpsons Comics.

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