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    (Last Gasp, 1979)
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This book showcases Robert Crumb who is an icon in the alternative comics’ world. He created Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural and was the primary architect of Zap Comics where those characters first appeared.

This title reprints material that was originally published in “Coevolutionary Quarterly” in the late 1970’s and consists of Crumb’s introspective and sometimes pessimistic observations on matters great and small. Everything from speculation on the end of the human race to a couple of jazz musicians listening to the radio is a subject of Robert Crumb’s unique interpretation. His slice of life narratives are primarily a vent for his frustration with society. He satirizes technology, philosophy and even modern dance which affords him the opportunity to draw women with substantial and prominent derrieres, something he really doesn’t need a reason to do.

— George Haberberger

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1st print note $1.00 (In red) cover price Published by Apex publishers.Robert CrumbRobert Crumb

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2nd printing; Adult; B&WRobert CrumbRobert Crumb, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

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3rd printing; $2.50 cover price; New cover by Last Gasp.; AdultRobert CrumbRobert Crumb

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 Robert CrumbRobert Crumb