Bedlam (Chaos)

    (Chaos, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Brian Pulido and Harris Publications, Inc.

He’s the cigar chewing, six-gun toting, ultimate weapon in the war of good versus evil. And he has a skeletal face only a demon could love. He’s Bedlam, the time traveling hero of this Chaos! Comics title. Once a normal human that just wanted to protect his indigenous people from exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous businessmen, Bedlam unknowingly unleashed a host of demons on the Earth. Now Bedlam sees it as his mission to stop the demons he accidentally set loose before they wreck havoc throughout all time and space. Bearing the mark of the Chaos Shield on his hand, Bedlam is able to imprison inside of him the evil he battles. But at what cost to his own scarred soul?

Fans of Chaos! Comics’ other fiendishly entertaining titles such as Lady Death, Chastity, and particularly Evil Ernie will enjoy the exploits of Bedlam, the undead time tripping gunslinger.

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