Abe Sapien Drums of the Dead

    (Dark Horse, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Mike Mignola

A ship’s captain attempted to maximize profits by carrying as many slaves as possible. The diseased and dying were thrown overboard into the open sea, where hungry sharks completed the gruesome task of disposing of the inconvenient, involuntary passengers. Countless lives were lost along these slave-rum-molasses trade sea routes.

In this series, modern freighters are experiencing strange events while sailing on the same shipping routes. Pounding tribal drums, men speaking in tongues, deadly spirit possessions, murder, and suicide plague the ships’ crews. Amphibian man Abe Sapien has been assigned this difficult case. Can he find the cause of these paranormal events? Will he find the answer in the cold, dark depths of the sea? As a bonus tale, Hellboy encounters six Japanese travelers who possess a preference for hellspawn/human flesh and an unusual mode of transportation.
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March, 1998
Cover Price: $2.95
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Brian McDonald, Mike MignolaDerek Thompson, Mike Mignola