Green Arrow Secret Files and Origins

    (DC, 2002)
™ and © DC Comics

In the grand tradition of the long running Bronze Age series of the same title, the new series of Secret Files and Origins are put out as standalone issues focusing on the hot character of the moment, often tying in to a major event or specialty comic. In this issue, the files refer to those of the newly resurrected Green Arrow and his cast of supporting characters. Some of the great profiles include Connor Hawke (a.k.a. Green Arrow II, the son of original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen), Black Canary, Arsenal and more. Made up of a few short stories by various creative teams, the aforementioned profiles and a series of interesting blue prints of the Arrow’s gadget arrows, this series is a great refresher for old Green Arrow fans and new ones alike.
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December, 2002
Cover Price: $4.95
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Judd Winick, Eliot Brown, Dan Curtis Johnson, Scott McCullarDiego Barreto, Eliot Brown, Greg Scott, Rick Burchett, Patrick Gleason, Phil Hester, Phil Winslade, Charlie Adlard