Ash/22 Brides

    (Event, 1996-1997)
™ and ©1996 Quesada and Palmiotti

This two-issue limited series brings together super-hero fireman Ash and an all-girl group of thieves/mercenaries to take on a vampire sect that wants to reclaim an all-powerful artifact for their own insidious ends. Ash and the 22 Brides meet after he is drawn to the burnt remains of the penthouse apartment from which the girls had initially stolen the—as the Bride’s Deseo calls it—“butt-ugly statue” and they are attacked “by a bunch of honest-to-Bela-Lugosi vampires.” While this tale by Fabian Nicieza is action-packed and beautifully rendered in Humberto Ramos’ pseudo-anime style, little is done to establish exactly who the characters, especially the heroes, are and why we should be rooting for them. Still, fans of vampires and cheesecake (the Brides take a bath!) should enjoy it.
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December, 1996
Cover Price: $2.95
7 copies available from $1.92
Fabian NiciezaHumberto Ramos
April, 1997
Cover Price: $2.95
2 copies available from $2.00
Fabian NiciezaHumberto Ramos