Aliens: Wraith

    (Dark Horse, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Life is dull on the fourth generation agri-colony at Tirgu Mires. As always, dull places are the bane of teens with too much time on their hands, leading them to do almost anything to find excitement.

Such it was with Roark, a new farm worker with a king-sized chip on his shoulder. After doing his best to tick off the locals, he inexplicably found himself invited to a campfire sing-along. It was all tame stuff to the rambunctious Roark, so he jumped at the chance for adventure when one of the locals at the campfire told him of the mysterious cave nearby. It was said that a dozen people had gone into the cave, but none had ever come out. They had been devoured by a giant, skeletal being—a “wraith” they called it. To the locals, it was mostly a tall tale used to scare kids with. To Roark, it sounded like a chance for a thrill…and this was one kid who was just dying of boredom.

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 NN; One-shotJay StephensEduardo Risso