Astounding Space Thrills: The Comic Book

    (Image, 2000-2001)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

Savvy collectors knew it would be a matter of time before the Internet and the world of comics came crashing together. The result: no, not ComicBase! It’s Astounding Space Thrills from Image Comics. With benefits for both the publisher and strip creators, the World Wide Web offers a unique form of viral marketing and yet another means by which to attract more readers.

Starting with the book’s title story, Steve Conley has adapted his popular cyber-strip for the printed page, continuing the 21st century adventures of Argosy Smith and crew as they fight evil capitalists after the time and space altering “Shift.” The book’s backup story, The Crater Kid, is another popular Internet comic that tells the story of a 1950s retro-futuristic boy hero, protecting the universe from robots, aliens and every other form of space bad guy imaginable.

Weaving self-contained stories independent of their cyber brethren, both features manage to refer back to their corresponding websites as a resource for story elaboration, marrying both the virtual and printed worlds.

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 Rudy Nebres pin-up; Frank Cho pin-upMarty Baumann, Steve ConleyMarty Baumann, Steve Conley, Rudy Nebres, Frank Cho


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 FlipbookMarty Baumann, Steve ConleyMarty Baumann, Steve Conley


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  Marty BaumannMarty Baumann


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 FlipbookMarty Baumann, Steve ConleyMarty Baumann, Steve Conley

Giant-Size Special #1

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  Marty Baumann, Steve ConleyMarty Baumann, Steve Conley