(Malibu, 1993)
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Airman is the winged member of the Malibu Comics’ super-hero team, Protectors. In this one-shot solo series, he concerns himself with doing deeds that will help the Protectors’ public image. The team is always fighting a negative appearance because of some of its loose cannons like The Ferret and Amazing Man.

Airman is actually Drake Stevens, a man who feels at home if he is living in and around nature. He is a pure altruist, knowing full well that he could just as easily use his synthetic wings to go on continuous joyrides. The series follows Airman’s exploits as he travels the globe in a never-ending effort to save innocents, all the while never shirking his model citizen as a member of the Protectors.
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January, 1993
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R.A. JonesMatt Reynolds