Batman: Hong Kong

    (DC, 2003-2004)
™ and © 2003 DC Comics, Inc.

When a Gotham City computer hacker stumbles onto a snuff film being broadcast over the Web, he hardly expects to be the next victim. Investigating the case, Batman discovers that similar murders are also occurring in Hong Kong. Transferring his investigation there, the Dark Knight finds himself a fish out of water, rejected by the local police and frustrated by the language barrier. In a bizarre turn of luck, a new ally known as Night Dragon is inspired by Batman’s deeds and teams with him to unravel a mystery entwined in secrecy, hatred, honor and betrayal.

Written by long–time Bat–scribe Doug Moench and drawn by international manga artist Tony Wong, both story and art have a non–traditional, international flavor.

— Jerry Smith

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 128 pagesDoug MoenchTony Wong

#1 Hardcover

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  Doug MoenchTony Wong