Batman Returns: The Official Comic Adaptation of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture

    (DC, 1992)
™ and ©1992 DC Comics

In Gotham’s shrouded past, the wealthy Cobblepot family gave birth to a hideously deformed child. For a while, this unfortunate babe was kept out of sight in a caged crib, but one day the parents were driven to do the unthinkable. They threw the baby, stroller and all, into the chill waters that led to Gotham’s sewers. Miraculously, the stroller floated and the baby survived, growing up underneath the Gotham City Zoo. Then one day, he emerged from the sewers to bring terror to the people of Gotham.

Batman Returns was the sequel to Warner Brothers’ 1989 blockbuster Batman. The only way they could hope to match Jack Nicholson’s incredible Joker from the first movie was to have the sequel feature two of Batman’s greatest enemies: the Penguin (played by Danny Devito) and Catwoman (slinkily portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer). These two alternately team up and square off with Batman and Gotham in the middle.

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 NN; Comic adaptation of Warner Bros. MovieDenny O’Neil, Sam Hamm, Daniel WatersSteve Erwin

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 NN; Comic adaptation of Warner Bros. Movie; Movie adaptation; Prestige formatDenny O’NeilSteve Erwin