Bat Men

    (Avalon, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Joe Sinnott

Lest it be thought that comic book creators have no other interests, artist and inker Joe Sinnott, best known for his decades of work for Marvel Comics, pays tribute to some of the greatest baseball players of all time in this title. The first part of the book offers a sentimental words and pictures biography of a Hall of Fame “bat man”—issue #1 focuses on the legendary slugger Babe Ruth—while the remainder presents a series of pinups of baseball superstars of yesterday and today, from Lou Gehrig to Cal Ripken, Jr.

The storytelling here may be somewhat awkward—Ruth’s story comes to an end rather abruptly, for example—but the black-and-white renditions of baseball greats are both instantly, and admirably, recognizable to longtime baseball fans. Published by America’s Comic Group.

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