Archie As Pureheart the Powerful

    (Archie, 1966-1967)
ô and © Archie Publications

As the campy Batman TV series gained massive popularity in 1966, the Archie line tried to jump on the bandwagon by transforming Archie Andrews into a super-hero parody called Captain Pureheart. Captain Pureheart wore a costume similar to Supermanís except with opposite colors; for example, Pureheartís cape was blue and the rest of his outfit was dominated by red. The title didnít really spoof any super-hero titles or stories in general; the series mainly offered the usual lighthearted Archie fare except that Archie spent more time fighting crime than choosing between Betty and Veronica. Archieís high-school rival Reggie donned spandex as well as Evilheart. Low on violence, high on silliness, Archie as Captain Pureheart was eventually seen as a dated curio, a time capsule of 60s pop-culture cheese.

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Title changes to Archie as Captain Pureheart  


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1st Appearance of Dr. Detest; 1st Appearance of the Devilish Disguiser; Versus Dr. Detest; Versus the Devilish DisguiserFrank Doyle, Joe EdwardsBill Vigoda, Joe Edwards


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