Menz Insana

    (Vertigo, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Christopher Fowler and John Bolton

Walk along any city street and you encounter them. Men with staring eyes and women who talk to themselves. They are the insane, and their minds have shifted elsewhere—to the chameleon-like landscape of the Mental Plane, a riotous parallel reality where the minds of the mentally fractured meet.

Menz Insana tells the story of a very unlikely couple, traveling in the Mental Plane. Menz is a mad scientist. Obsessed with experimenting on goats on the Mental Plane, his body is trapped in a mental institution in the real world. Jaz is his beautiful companion. She doesn’t remember her life before the Mental Plane, but passes her time with Menz and the other residents such as the Deep-Fried Rabbit and the Squid Baby.

Jaz wants to pass through the portal to the real world to free Menz’s body and discover the secret behind her past. But is she ready to face the twisted truth of the real world?

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1 copy available for $9.99
NN; One-shot; Prestige formatChristopher FowlerJohn Bolton