Black Panther (Ltd. Series)

    (Marvel, 1988)
™ and ©1988 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

The 1988 mini-series finds writer Peter B. Gillis in serious mood, and penciller Denys Cowan showing more than an echo of Jungle Action’s popular Buckler/Janson art style. The Panther Spirit which has empowered T’Challa all these years leaves him, summoned to the aid of a political prisoner from Wakanda being tortured in nearby Azania, a thinly fictionalized South Africa. The Panther Spirit starts an animalistic reign of terror and murder in Azania, a nice metaphor for the anger so many felt about the pre-reform apartheid regime. But T’Challa, as king of a neighboring nation, also respects the need for diplomacy, and sees the terror that will stem from open revolution. The story tries hard to reflect the complexity of the issues, and is far more successful than McGregor’s overwritten efforts.~GL

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1st Appearance of Man-CatPeter B. GillisDenys Cowan


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1st Appearance Supremacists; 1st appearance of Barricade; 1st Appearance of Captain Blaze; 1st Appearance of Harrier; 1st appearance of Hungyr; 1st Appearance of Voortrekker; 1st Appearance of White AvengerPeter B. GillisDenys Cowan


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 Peter B. GillisDenys Cowan


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 Peter B. GillisDenys Cowan