Asylum (Millennium)

    (Millennium, 1993)
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Asylum is a dark, disturbing, gem of a horror comic. Published by Millennium under their Borderland horror imprint, it’s an anthology series which sports wonderful tales of evil by some of comics’ brightest talents.

The premier issue set the tone with “The Wishing Hour” by Nick Vince, with art by John Bolton (The Black Dragon). In this tale, a petulant boy complains how unfair it is that his sister gets to dress up as the witch for Halloween. After all, he’d much rather be the witch—a really nasty witch who would unleash demons, hang people up by meat hooks and cause all manner of evil. It’s just a kid’s whining—until he meets someone who can make it all come true. Following this tale is Matt Howarth’s (Savage Henry) deceptively cute tale of monsters and madness, “The Latchkey Fiend.” Other talents featured include Neil Gaiman (Sandman), Mark Buckingham (Miracleman), P. Craig Russell (Night Music), and Al Williamson (Weird Science).

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  Edgar Allan Poe, Matt Howarth, Steven Seagle, Nicholas Vince, Ed NewsomeAl Williams, Duncan Eagleson, John Bolton, Matt Howarth, P. Craig Russell


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  Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, Eric Dinehart, Marv Channing, Faye PerozichMark Buckingham, P. Craig Russell, Justin Norman, Vincente Alcazar, Schaal


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 ca. 1993H.P. LovecraftHoward Chaykin, Pia Guerra

Book #1

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  Neil Gaiman