Adventures of Captain America

    (Marvel, 1991-1992)
™ and © Marvel Entertainment Group

In the midst of World War II, Project Rebirth, with its Super Soldier Serum, transformed skinny Steve Rogers into the powerhouse known as Captain America. Deciding that he must be kept a secret, the people in charge of Project Rebirth assigned Private Rogers to duty on an army base. Even then Rogers found excitement and adventure, foiling Nazi saboteurs who were stealing ordinance from the base.

This four-issue series relives the early adventures of Captain America. It includes his creation, his introduction to future sidekick, James Buchanan (Bucky) Barnes, and his first battle with his arch-nemesis, the Red Skull.

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Squarebound cardstock coverOrigin of Captain America (Steve Rogers)Fabian NiciezaKevin Maguire


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 Origin of Bucky (James Barnes)Fabian NiciezaKevin Maguire


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Squarebound cardstock cover Fabian NiciezaKevin Maguire, Kevin West


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  Fabian NiciezaKevin Maguire, Kevin West

Book #1

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 Collects Adventures of Captain America #1-4 and Captain America the 1940s Newspaper Strip #1-3Fabian NiciezaKevin Maguire