Alien Fire

    (Kitchen Sink, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Eric Vincent and Anthony F. Smith

In the 21st century, the ruin of Earth has become a boon to the interplanetary black market for Earth popular culture. An archivist named Ed joins up with a roving band of traders, who are crossing the galaxy and dealing in pop artifacts from Earth. Along the way he gets involved with the fighting against the lizardous Bahktians, while dealing with the bureaucratic opposition and amorous advances of the government official Chia X. Hong. Written by Anthony Smith and drawn by Eric Vincent, Alien Fire is an action-filled, science fiction, adventure comic.

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5 copies available from $1.99
B&WAnthony SmithEric Vincent


3 copies available from $2.50
B&WAnthony SmithEric Vincent


3 copies available from $2.50
 Anthony SmithEric Vincent