Star Trek/X-Men

    (Marvel, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Paramount Pictures and Marvel Characters, Inc.

Marvel Comics and Paramount Comics celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek with this special collector’s issue. Writer Scott Lobdell attempts to build upon the foundation created in the Star Trek episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Due to a spatial rift, two forces from Earth’s present and future join together to save the universe from the combined power of Lt. Gary Mitchell and Proteus. The story builds in excitement and tension but leave one wanting more. Pages allocated for Star Trek/X-Men artwork and previews of additional Star Trek titles would have been better served by another story. Alternately, this one-shot might have been an excellent starting point for something really worth celebrating.

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8 copies available from $3.00
X-Men meet original Enterprise crew; One-shot; Includes pin-up galleryScott LobdellMarc Silvestri, Billy Tan, Anthony Winn, David Finch, Brian Ching