Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising

    (Marvel, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group

This giant-sized special kicked off the four-part Atlantis Rising crossover. It begins with a bang as witch queen Morgan le Fay uses her powers to raise the sunken continent of Atlantis from below the waves. Le Fay sees it as a new kingdom for herself and her Darkholders, but her actions mean doom for its water-breathing inhabitants.

Even as Prince Namor streaks to Atlantis to aid his former subjects, another catastrophe is beginning on the moon. There, Nathaniel Richards tripped an alarm while exploring the citadel of the Watcher. In response, a device in the citadel begins gathering all matter into itself, including the citadel and then the nearby home of the Inhumans. The Fantastic Four races to save them. Meanwhile, a group of Inhumans decides it is time to place a claim on their ancestral home—Atlantis. This cataclysmic crossover continued in Fantastic Force #8, Warlock and The Infinity Watch #41, and Fantastic Four #401.
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June, 1995
Cover Price: $3.95
11 copies available from $2.25
Acetate Wraparound Outer Cover by M.C. Wyman; Atlantis rises from sea Tom DeFalco, Glenn HerdlingM.C. Wyman
July, 1995
Cover Price: $3.95
9 copies available from $1.15
Tom DeFalco, Glenn HerdlingM.C. Wyman, Geof Isherwood
Ashcan #1
May, 1995
Cover Price: $2.25
3 copies available from $1.25
Stan Lee, Anya Martin, Jay Franco, Phil Nutman, Sholly Fisch, Darren Dean, Brian David-Marshall, Doug MurrayAlan Davis, Jack Kirby