Tales From the Crypt (E.C.)

    (E.C., 1950-1955)
™ and © William M. Gaines, Agent
Series continued from Crypt of Terror (E.C.) #19

Tales From the Crypt is the best-known of EC’s horror titles—indeed, it’s one of the most famous horror titles of all time. Its run began in 1950 with issue #20, taking up its numbering from the old series Crypt of Terror, which in turn had once been a crime series. The next five years were the “Golden Age” of horror comics, with Tales From the Crypt leading the way. Its stories were often brooding and obsessive, full of murderous spouses and flesh-eating ghouls. In the end, however, evil was (almost) always punished—usually in an ironic turn at the story’s conclusion.

Before too long, Tales From the Crypt and the rest of the EC horror line came under fire for their horrific content. Eventually, Dr. Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent, sensationalistic magazine articles, and the efforts of Senate committees brought on the creation of the Comics Code, dooming EC and its horror titles.
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