Immortal Combat

    (Entity, 1995)
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Immortal Combat is the fifth in a series of adventures of Zen Intergalactic Ninja, a fantasy adventure character created by Steve Stern and Dan Coate. In this installment, penned by Charles Marshall with illustrations by Dell Barras, Zen is summoned to a trans-dimensional contest of champions where he must square off against the most formidable opponents from across time and space. This action-packed concept would have made a great comic, especially since artist Barras works in a fluid, balletic style reminiscent of Gil Kane (The Atom, Green Lantern). Unfortunately, Immortal Combat is not a comic, but a prose story with occasional full-page black-and-white illustrations. Marshall’s writing style might have proven more successful if meted out in word balloons and panel captions, and readers got to see more of Barras’s art.

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