2 To the Chest

    (Dark Planet, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Dark Planet Productions, Inc.

Writer James Hudnall’s gritty crime series was compared to the work of Brian Michael Bendis when it was released, and the two certainly take a no-nonsense, realistic approach to the genre. Like in his previous work The Psycho and Streets, Hudnall aims for mature readers with this adult storyline of an LAPD officer, Troy Geist, who is injured while he and his partner, Ed Gonzales, have just stopped a drug dealer. However, Geist’s life becomes even more tangled when he is implicated in the murders of fellow FBI agents. Combining mystery and no-holds-barred streetwise action, 2 to the Chest fits perfectly with Hudnall’s other accomplishments.

— Malcolm Bryant

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January, 2004
2 copies available from $2.25
  James D. HudnallMazi


February, 2004
2 copies available from $3.00
  James D. HudnallJosé Avilés