The Vixen Wars

    (Raging Rhino, 1993-1994)
™ and © Raging Rhino Productions Inc.

Speculation on the Raging Rhino staff meeting, circa 1993:

“Hey dude, let’s do a comic book!”
“Cool! Uh…let’s see…we’ll need lots of chicks with huge hooters wearing skintight outfits.”
“And guns. Great big guns.”
“Big guns rock.”
“Let’s make it in Brazil! Brazil is cool.”
“Make sure there’s plenty of shots of the chicks in the shower. Do they have showers in Brazil?”
“Uh…I dunno. Maybe they will in the future.”
“Cool, we’ll set it in the future! So, there’s some notebook paper and felt pens in the supply drawer. I’ll just put some words in when you’re finished drawing the pictures.”
“Awesome! We’re gonna be millionaires, just like Rob Liefeld!”

And so, Vixen Wars was born.
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June, 2008
Cover Price: $2.95
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Dayton WolffGeorges Jeanty, Rick Lyon, Matt Robertson, Jude Millien, Rick Marin, Kevin Kennedy

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Dayton WolffRick Lyon